Sewell Concepts Indigenous Perspective

We are dedicated to land connectiveness, sharing and providing Mi'kmaq services within our Mi'kmaq ancestral and unceded territory.

What's new?

Sewell Concepts Indigenous Perspective is happy to announce our new addition to services:

A 2 Day Workshop for  Social Work/Health Care Providers  titled:

  "Weaving our Wellness Basket; A Mi'Kmaq Contemporary Practice Model."

What we offer

We Provide 3 types of services.


1. Social work and trauma counseling for Indigenous individuals and Families on weekends.

2. Workshops on appropriate Mi'kmaq Practice for social work/health care providers.

3. Consultant services for organizations and businesses on

Mi'kmaq cultural




On September 30th, 2023, I will be attending the Amlamgog Youth Mini Pow Wow in Fort Folly First Nation, New Brunswick. I am looking forward to spending this day in the community with the youth!



This fall, we are about to launch a new product in our shop for children ages five to twelve years old. We will have non-toxic therapy putty in various color coded resistance levels available for purchase. The putty can be used to help relieve stress and anxiety or just for play! Stay tuned as we prepare for the launch of this exciting new product.


I am Cynthia Sewell small business owner of Sewell Concepts Indigenous Perspective.  I am a licensed social worker with the Province of New

Brunswick.  I have worked 12 years as a social worker within our Mi'kmaq communities, and in  the Hospital setting.  I am a Mental  Health Service provider for Indigenous Health Canada specializing in trauma and Mi'kmaq culturally appropriate counseling.  Currently, I am working  as a Jordans Principle Social Worker within the education field.


In my business I also operate as an Independant Mi'kmaq Music Artist and Performer.

Mi'kmaq artist Cynthia Sewell is a mother, Mi'kmaq Gopit (Beaver) Clan Mother, and community member of Pabineau First Nation New Brunswick.  Cynthia's art background spans for 3 decades and is rooted in Mi'maq cultural song writing, recording, and performance. She has done cultural choreography on stage, and co-directing high profile arts events within her territory. 



Feel free to contact me via this button provided or the phone number marked below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Phone: 1-506-864-2787